Are You Traveling? Do You Have Fibromyalgia?

Peoples with fibromyalgia are familiar with the dilemma of a vacation. Though we look forward to visiting family and exploring new places, we are aware of how exhausting and stressful travelling can be. With ample appropriate planning, going on a vacation is possible even with fibromyalgia.

Here are 5 tips on how to travel comfortably with fibromyalgia.

Plan your itinerary

Planning your trip is essential. When you have an appropriate itinerary, it makes the trip less stressful with less decision making during the trip itself. However, most people tend to push beyond limits and pack as many activities/sights/things as possible in one single travel day. This will not be feasible if you are a patient of fibromyalgia with sudden flares of bod pain and fatigue. What you need is a relaxed, slow-paced and flexible itinerary which is less ambitious and less exhausting. Make sure that you allocate ample time for travelling from place to place such that you can move slowly at your own pace and not having to rush. Be prepared or ready to leave out certain sights or activities when necessary. Plan for days of rest and relaxation.

Pick your travel companions carefully

Travelling with the wrong companions can turn your trip into a nightmare. This is especially so if you’re travelling with an ambitious traveler who does not understand your condition. Find a like-minded, easy going companion who has a big heart and understands what you are going through. Unfortunately, for those who are travelling for work or business, you may not have the luxury to choose who you are travelling with.

Travel light and do not over pack

Over packing is a common travelling mistake. Do not over pack extra clothes and other items which you don’t require. Pack the minimum and consider the services and provision of the hotel which you can benefit from such as laundry services and provision of towel and toiletries. Minimizing your baggage will help to minimize your exertion.

Carry your comfort kit

Since you suffer from muscle cramps, body ache, and fatigue and tired all the time, you have to make sure that you are travelling with all the comfort items that you enjoy at home. Get ready items like cooling mist, support pillow, spray bottles, essential oils and thermal pads for your travels. Be sure to prepare ample medications.

You don’t have to participate in everything

Yes, remember that you don’t have to participate in everything. Excuse yourself on certain days from some activities or sights when you have to. Let your travel companion know prior to your trip that you may not be able to join in on your bad days. Give your travel mate(s) the blessings to go ahead with the plans and enjoy.

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