May 4, 2023 – In the hospital is a girl of 5 or 6 named Cindi. 

Dr. Graves enters her room. He’s very busy.

Cindi is afraid that she’ll get sicker.

Then a clown appears with Winnie the Pooh stickers!

Cindi smiles. Her red-nosed friend puts a finger to her lips.

She’s telling Cindi, “Be quiet, I’m going to do a trick.”

She sneaks behind Dr. Graves and puts a sticker on his shoe.

He’s so intent on Cindi, he has no clue!

Cindi starts giggling.

Dr. Graves says, “Stop jiggling.”

The examination ends.

Dr. Graves looks grim.

But as he turns to leave and continue his rounds,

Cindi hears “Excuse me, sir!”…


By prebo

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