Jake Warn, Winslow, ME. 

Mary Lou Warn, Winslow, ME.

Tobacco Control: “Nicotine delivery and cigarette equivalents from vaping a JUULpod.”

Maine Department of Health and Human Services: “Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey.”

CDC: “Tobacco Product Use and Associated Factors Among Middle and High School Students – National Youth Tobacco Survey, United States, 2021,” “E-Cigarette, or Vaping, Products Visual Dictionary,” “Quick Facts on the Risks of E-cigarettes for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults.”

American Cancer Society: “What Do We Know About E-cigarettes?” “The Study That Helped Spur the U.S. Stop-Smoking Movement,” “Key Statistics for Lung Cancer.”

Drug and Alcohol Dependence: “Patterns of nicotine concentrations in electronic cigarettes sold in…


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